Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Nugget of Nuge

I haven't updated this in a while because Uncle Ted has been surprisingly quiet, but here's another steaming little turdlet of Nugent wisdom from that Royal Flush interview a couple months back:
I am always right and I am addicted to logic. Jann Wenner won’t do a story on my sold-out tour this year because I’m on the board of directors at the NRA. Jann Wenner should die.
I should point out that the quote appears exactly as written above in the interview, and it's not taken out of context (he's responding to the question "What do you say to people that disagree with your opinions?"). That's right: Ted went immediately from "I am addicted to logic" to "another human being should be killed because he wasn't interested in my shitty tour". Wenner, the head of Rolling Stone magazine, may very well have a problem with Ted's position on the board of the NRA. But I bet his refusal to cover your tour, Nuge, has more to do with the fact that "Cat Scratch Fever" came out 33 fucking years ago and it's still your biggest hit. I dunno. Maybe. I'm no logic addict like Ted; I have yet to publicly advocate the killing of anyone. Wait, no! I at least once have said I'd like to punch Osama bin Laden to death. That totally counts. LOGIC!

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  1. Well, following Uncle Ted requires not only a brain, but a sense of humor. It's always amusing the crap I get from commielibs who can't even recognize a joke, let alone understand it. Not complainin' here, it's one of the things that makes it fun. It'd almost be nice havin' 'em around if they weren't bein' so successful in eradicating freedom in the name of absurdity... You have a RIGHT to be bizarre and a RESPONSIBILITY to respect the weird, just keep payin' yer taxes so we can give more money to the unproductive. AND keep the gun-control=people-control equation under your hat...